The Founder's Story

In 1994 Patrick Dougherty was employed in a corporate management position.  He had been managing his own investments but felt that he needed professional help, and more importantly needed financial planning advice.  Patrick met with a planning firm, and their entire solution was that he needed a lot of permanent life insurance.  After two more attempts to find a “real” planner, with the same results, he decided to try it himself.

He spent several months researching different planning techniques and investment strategies, and pasted together a very crude financial plan.  Through this process Patrick realized that he had found his “calling.”  He was fascinated by the different variables, and how everything continued to change and evolve.  As someone who loved learning, liked working with people, and wanting a career in which he could personally help people, he decided to make a change.

With no background or formal education in financial services, and an undergraduate degree in liberal arts, Patrick went back to school and earned an MBA with a concentration in financial and estate planning.  After graduation, he worked for large Wall Street firms and also earned the Certified Financial Planner™ designation.  He learned a lot at the Wall Street firms, mostly about what not to do.  He didn’t have the freedom to offer his clients the kind of service and advice that he had been looking for back in 1994, so Patrick left the brokerage environment and started his own firm in 2005.

With his business established, he began developing a platform for the delivery of his "ideal" for a unique client experience.  Patrick is the creator and chief architect of the Resource Allocation Advantage™, a system that empowers his clients to make better choices in the use of their human, financial, and social capital to achieve their goals.

Firm Overview

Dougherty Wealth Management is a fee-only Financial Planning and Portfolio Management firm.  Our mission is to enable and empower our clients in making good decisions toward achieving financial security and their family goals.

We create value by providing leadership, relationship, and creativity.

  • Leadership - By eliminating dangers that you may face and focusing you on your opportunities.
  • Relationship - By earning your confidence in us as advisors so that you can rely on to support and protect you.
  • Creativity - By providing capabilities with our skills, knowledge, tools, technologies, and unique processes.

We have chosen to be fee-only to allow us the objectivity we believe is necessary to act in a fiduciary role for our clients.  We sell no products.  We make recommendations based on what is the most appropriate for the client.